Benefits of using a wrap carrier

People the world over have always figured out ways to carry their babies hands-free. African women would wrap their babies on their backs with a simple piece of fabric, Korean women used a blanket with long ties, Eskimo women had a special coat that their child could nestle into in the back, with a big hood both mom and baby could share, and native American women had the famous papoose board that they wore as a backpack.

Native women in Central America often wrapped their babies to their fronts against their bare skin, to allow easy breastfeeding.

Today, despite all the options available to modern women like strollers, baby carriers, and bouncy seats, women are rediscovering the comfort and practicality of a simple baby wrap or sling.

Even though nearly every mother in the US has a stroller at some point, there are times and places that it’s just easier to wear your baby rather than push a stroller – for example, walking through a heavy crowd.

Anyone who’s ever tried to push a stroller through a crowd of people understands how much easier it would be to just walk through with a baby snuggled close to their body. Another time it’s just smarter to wear your baby is when you’re going to a place with lots of stairs, like a historic monument – yes, you can seek out the one elevator available and squeeze in there with your monstrous stroller, or you can simply stroll up the steps with your baby secure against your chest or back.

When you’re at home with your baby, some babies will sit contentedly in a swing or a bouncy seat while you do the dishes or fold laundry.

Mine never did!

The moment they were out of my arms, they would cry like they had been abandoned on the steps of an orphanage.

The only way I could get anything done was to put my baby on my back while I worked. Usually they would be so relaxed and calm because they were snuggled against me that they would fall asleep! I get chores done AND get the baby to take a nap? Score!

My favorite kind of carrier for a little baby is the stretchy wrap, like the BabyBino – it’s versatile, comfortable for mom (or dad, or babysitter) and baby, and fits all sizes. Even the most adjustable slings are one-sided, but a wrap like BabyBino spreads the weight of the baby over both shoulders and back, making for a more balanced load.

And thanks to the different wrap styles, you can securely carry even the tiniest baby without worrying if they have enough support.

Sometimes the classic ways are still the most effective, and baby wraps and slings are a great example of this!