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This amazing baby sling carrier can be used in various ways. It allows you to keep your baby protected while being able to keep your hands free.


Now you can go shopping, climb stairs, hold a second child by the hand or do the housework while keeping your angel safe and relaxed.


You can simply pull up the front of the wrap and breastfeed with utmost privacy. Moreover, it can be used as a changing blanket or a pram cover too.

We care about you & your baby’s journey. Together we’ve created a soft wrap with the perfect support that provides a comfortable feeling for both, so you can share special moments together.

One-size fits versatility with a number of carrying styles

  • For all baby-carriers.
  • Use from birth to 16kg.


Perfect material & Durable

  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Stretchy & Sturdy
  • Machine washable


  • Provides stability for your child and freedom for you.
  • Takes the strain off your arms and shoulders.



  • Until baby’s neck is strong enough to hold its head up on its own, baby’s head and neck should be properly supported by our BabyBino wrap.
  • Avoid back carry positions for new born babies.
  • New Born Baby’s legs should always be in a frog position, bottom down knees up, straddling you, with legs up at a 90° angle to the spine. This is the best, most correct and most desirable position for baby born. As if your arms would hold him.
  • Keep chin away from chest.

Benefits of using a sling or wrap carrier

People the world over have always figured out ways to carry their babies hands-free. African women would wrap their babies on their backs with a simple piece of fabric, Korean women used a blanket with long ties, Eskimo women had a special coat that their child could nestle into in the back, with a big hood both mom and baby could share, and native American women had the famous papoose board that they wore as a backpack…

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