This amazing baby sling carrier can be used in various ways. It allows you to keep your baby protected while being able to keep your hands free.


Now you can go shopping, climb stairs, hold a second child by the hand or do the housework while keeping your angel safe and relaxed.


You can simply pull up the front of the wrap and breastfeed with utmost privacy. Moreover, it can be used as a changing blanket or a pram cover too.

Why BabyBino Wrap?

We care about you & your baby’s journey. Together we’ve created a soft wrap with the perfect support that provides a comfortable feeling for both, so you can share special moments together.

One-size fits versatility with a number of carrying styles

  • For all baby-carriers.
  • Use from birth to 16kg.


Perfect material & Durable

  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Stretchy & Sturdy
  • Machine washable


  • Provides stability for your child and freedom for you.
  • Takes the strain off your arms and shoulders.



My favorite part of this wrap is that I’m always close to my baby. New born babies require extra attention and this allows me to keep a close eye to my baby at all times. I can see whether she is comfortable or not. I feel much better knowing that she is next to me.

Christine Hamilton -Housewife


I simply love BabyBino wrap! I can do whatever I want without being worried about my son. This really allows me to go for long walks without feeling tired.

Michelle Johnson - Hight school teacher


I really enjoy wearing this carrier as a father. It’s a way for me and my baby to bond and get closer. When I first wore it, I was incredibly surprised of how easy is to put it on and how comfortable it is. Certainly a must for any parent!

Brian Washington -CEO IT company


  • Until baby’s neck is strong enough to hold its head up on its own, baby’s head and neck should be properly supported by our BabyBino wrap.
  • Avoid back carry positions for new born babies.
  • New Born Baby’s legs should always be in a frog position, bottom down knees up, straddling you, with legs up at a 90° angle to the spine. This is the best, most correct and most desirable position for baby born. As if your arms would hold him.
  • Keep chin away from chest.

Happy & Loved babies. Around the world…

Benefits of using a sling or wrap carrier

People the world over have always figured out ways to carry their babies hands-free. African women would wrap their babies on their backs with a simple piece of fabric, Korean women used a blanket with long ties, Eskimo women had a special coat that their child could nestle into in the back, with a big hood both mom and baby could share, and native American women had the famous papoose board that they wore as a backpack…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every parent wants to provide the best to their little angel. Newborns are very sensitive and depend 100% on their parents. We are a top quality baby carrier wrap that can maximize comfort for both you and your special little one, while helping you create a strong bond.

What's the best position for a baby-born?

New Born Baby’s legs should always be in a frog position, bottom down knees up, straddling you, with legs up at a 90° angle to the spine. This is the best, most correct and most desirable position for baby born. As if your arms would hold him.

Is the wrap's material safe?

Our wrap is made of High Quality material (95%Cotton / 5% Spandex Blend). BabyBino has created a top notch baby sling carrier that is made of finest quality, lightweight, extremely sturdy cloth that promises to keep your baby comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Can I face my baby forward in the wrap?

No, never. It doesn’t support the head or neck. It’s also a position that places undue pressure on a baby’s developing spine and hips as well on sensitive areas.

Does it come in one size only?

Yes, our wrap is 18 feet = 6 Yard ( 5,5 m ) long.

What is the advantage of using a wrap over other carriers?

The advantage of using a wrap over a carrier is that it’s completely customizable to you & your baby. Wearing the wrap will make you feel like one, it’s a very natural weight balance.

Can I use it for my dog?

Yes, you can put anything inside as long as you keep the head out to breathe freely & legs inside the wrap (just like baby born hold ). Make sure your Dog/cat doesn’t weight more than 35 lbs.

What does it mean “one size fits all”?

It means that’s ideal for all Men & women body types. It comfortable fits no matter if you are petite size or size plus. If you are a plus size mom or dad, you can cross the wrap around your waist and make a double knot on the back. This will be more than enough for you to have good support. If you are a petite size you can cross the wrap around your waist twice or as many times as you need. Either make a double knot one the front or back.

When can I start using the wrap?

Our BabyBino wraps are the most womb-like environment for your baby. It’s recommended for new born babies, even the smallest. You can use it from birth to 35 lbs.

How to wash it?

It’s Machine washable. You can spot cleaning regularly and washing only when necessary to extend the life of your wrap. When washing your wrap use cold water, set your machine on the delicate cycle and tumble dry on low.

Does it hold a 3 year old child?

It doesn’t matter how old your baby is, it can hold till Max. 35 lbs.

Can the wrap support the baby's neck?

Yes, by pulling the middle section up till the baby’s head or you can also cover the head to get a  comfortable support for his neck and head.

Can I use the wrap for twins?

No, the BabyBino wrap is designed for one baby at a time.

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